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August Rental Update

17/08/2017 | Posted by: Richarddon Real Estate, Colac Real Estate, Colac Rental Market

August Rental Update

Finding a new tenant can be difficult over the winter months, however we are very proud to announce that we have...

Off market sales in Colac and Elliminyt

07/08/2017 | Posted by: Richardson Real Estate, Colac Real Estate

Have you heard people talk about an off-market listing and wondered what they meant?

An off-market sale is a term used to define a property...

Three Critical Traps

01/08/2017 | Posted by: Richardson Real Estate

1. Lack of Competition
Every agent can create interest in your property, but what if they are unable to turn it into the...

Combating Mould this Winter!

17/07/2017 | Posted by:

For homeowners, foreseeing major disasters like fires, storms, or earthquakes is easy enough. In fact, many even combat such disasters by taking...

Ten Steps to prepare your home for sale

26/07/2017 | Posted by: Richardson Real Estate

10 Steps To Prepare Your Home For Sale

So you’ve decided to sell.
Here are some important tips to maximise your...

First Home Buyers

13/07/2017 | Posted by: Richardson Real Estate

The new rules, for first home buyers have kicked in on the 1ST of July so before you head out to purchase your first home, here are...

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