3 Critical Mistakes

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Warning! The 3 most critical traps to avoid when selling property

 1. Lack of Competition 

Every agent can create interest in your property, but what if they are unable to turn it into the best result for you? At Richardson Real Estate Colac we have a unique process to achieve the highest level of competition possible, which results in outstanding sale outcomes. 

 2. Poor Presentation 

If the property is not attractive eg. minor/major defects are not addressed, is untidy/cluttered or is not suitably furnished, potential buyers are less likely to be interested. At Richardson Real Estate Colac we guide you on how to present your property in its best possible light. 

 3. Wrong Marketing 

By not exposing the property to all potential buyers, this will limit the chance to find the best buyer and often increases the time on the market. At Richardson Real Estate Colac we help you to choose the top media types that are right for your property.

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