10 Steps to prepare your home for sale

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So you've decided to sell. Here are some important tips to maximise your property's appeal, giving it the best chance of selling quickly and most importantly, at the best price.

1. Street appeal 

First impressions count, a neat front yard is essential. Lawns mowed and edged, garden beds free of weeds & remove any unnecessary items from your yard. Make sure visitors can easily see your street number. 

2. Clean & bright 

Open all blinds to let as much light in as possible and keep your windows clean inside and out. Marks on the walls and cobwebs are things you also don't want noticed during an inspection. 

3. Cut the clutter 

Removing unnecessary clutter or furniture from your home & garage can give the appearance of a larger and more spacious room. Keep stairways and walkways clear, de-personalising by taking down photographs. This gives the buyer the opportunity to imagine their own photos on the walls and not be distracted by your own. Keep the bathrooms and kitchen minimal. (i.e. Bench tops clear of dishes and unnecessary appliances) 

4. Set the scene 

Arrange the furniture so each room is clearly defined. If there is a particular fixture (e.g. light fitting, dishwasher or air conditioner) that will not be included in the sale, we would recommend that you remove it now. If you can, replace the item with an alternative - it may save problems later. 

5. Fix it 

Leaking taps, loose door knobs, sticky windows, doors and other minor flaws distract the buyer from the overall appearance of the home. Consider a coat of paint on walls and doors. 

6. Freshen up 

Keep your home odour free (smoke or pet). Consider opening windows and using fresh plants or flowers. Getting your carpets cleaned or floors polished can also be another way to freshen each room. 

7. Lighten up

Increase the sense of space within your home by using light. Consider using mirrors, lamps/lighting and furniture positioning to lighten up those sometimes dim areas. Always keep internal doors open. 

8. Straighten up 

Be prepared that buyers love to snoop and will find themselves opening your bedroom and kitchen cupboards. By straightening or organising these areas you're sending a great message to the prospective purchaser, if you take good care of your belongings, the same will be presumed about your home. 

9. Pets 

Always clean and tidy up after your pets. Remove toys, bedding and waste from the home or back yard. During inspections remove your pets from the property. 

10. Climate Control 

It's important to have your home the ideal temperature, this will make the buyer feel comfortable and at home. In cooler weather light fires or patio heaters and in warmer months have ceiling fans or cooling system going.

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